By making the reservation request, the Customer binds Cascina Ghitin Relais (hereinafter “Structure”) to check the availability of the requested room or packages. The booking method can be done through the following channels:


a) Booking through the online booking system available on the website www.cascinaghitin.com

b) Booking by telephone contact: +39 392.2328402.

c) Booking by sending an e-mail to info@cascinaghitin.com


The request for room availability does not constitute acceptance and conclusion of the contract: however, the Structure is required not to refuse the guest’s request unless the room is unavailable or due to force majeure. In the event of a reservation made through the system referred to in point a), the customer will receive an automatic receipt and receipt reminder of the request made. In the event of a reservation as per point b), the availability check will be contextual or, in case of impossibility to make it, a reply will be given by email or by telephone contact as soon as possible. In the event of a reservation as per point c), the Customer will receive a reply as soon as possible from the Structure.

The customer must indicate the number of guests staying and the age of each.


1. Transparency of sales prices

a) Rooms

The selling prices of the individual rooms are reported in a transparent manner on the website www.cascinaghitin.com, on the page of each room available at our facility. Prices are inclusive of VAT but not the city tax which is equal to € 2.00 / night per person.

The prices shown are divided into low season (months of January, February, March, April, December) and high season (months of May, June, July, August, September, October, November), except for the periods of closure of the structure .

The prices indicated on the online booking system of the website www.cascinaghitin.com are per room occupied by 1 adult guest and aged 13 or over. number of guests present and / or the presence of guests aged between 0 and 12, according to the following parameters:

Children between 0 and 2 years: Free
Children between 3 and 12 years: Reduction of € 10 / night per room
Single use room: From 60 € to 90 €
Double use room: From 80 € to 110 €
Triple use room: From 100 € to 130 €
Quadruple room use: From 120 € to 150 €
High season price: mark-up of 10 € on the price list

In confirming the availability of the room, the Structure will provide a final quote net of the reductions or increases shown in the table above, and / or any discounts applied.

The Customer has the right to request extra services provided by the Structure, both during the booking phase and later during the stay. In any way, the Structure will charge services not requested by the Customer.


b) Holiday packages

The Structure makes available to the guests special Holiday Packages, available on the website at www.cascinaghitin.com/en/promotions-en/. The packages are valid for nr. 2 people and include, in addition to room availability, additional services depending on the package chosen, at a promotional price.

Guests are allowed to extend their stay or personalize it with additional services or guests, which will be subject to an increase compared to the flat rate indicated on the promotion reserved for the chosen package.

It is also possible to book additional customized packages, which will be the object of a specific estimate by the Structure.

The booking of a Holiday Package is made via email to info@cascinaghitin.com or via the contact form available at www.cascinaghitin.com/en/contacs-en/.


2. Early Booking and extra 10% discount

For the Client who makes reservations up to 60 days before the check-in date, the Structure applies an extra discount on the services requested at the time of booking, equal to 10% of the total cost. This discount applies if the customer pays the entire amount at the time of booking confirmation. The amount so paid is subject to the no-refundation policy. For more information on penalties, see point 5.


3. Acceptance of the terms and conditions

For bookings made in the manner indicated in the Introduction, letter a), the customer declares to accept the terms and conditions reported in this contract when concluding the online booking process by selecting the “Terms and Condition” box on the second page of the booking process and subsequent sending of the same by pressing the “Send Request” button on the third page of the process itself, which shows the summary of the services requested.

For bookings made in the manner indicated in the Introduction, letter b), the customer will be notified by telephone of the economic conditions and the services offered, which will be subsequently confirmed by sending them in writing via e-mail. Acceptance, in this case, will be done by paying the confirmatory down payment, according to the methods described in point 4.

For bookings made in the manner indicated in the Introduction, letter c), the customer will be sent a copy of these conditions by e-mail. Acceptance, in this case, will be done by paying the confirmatory down payment, according to the methods described in point 4.


4. Conclusion of the Contract

The Structure undertakes to opt for the room requested by the customer and whose availability has been confirmed for a maximum of 48 hours, pending the conclusion of the contract. The contract is considered concluded with the payment of the confirmatory deposit, in the ways indicated in point 4.

In the absence of payment of the confirmatory deposit by the Customer, with consequent conclusion of the contract, the Structure reserves the right to remove the option from the requested room, thus making it available for future bookings.

Once the confirmatory deposit has been paid, the contract is considered concluded and the parties are bound by the conditions set out in point 6.


5. Confirmatory deposit

In order to conclude the contract, the Customer must pay the confirmatory down payment. The amount is 50% of the total cost.

The deposit for booking the rooms can be paid in one of the following ways:

Pre-authorization on the credit card provided by the Customer
Bank transfer on the IBAN provided by the Structure

For customers who have subscribed to a service listed above under letter a (room reservation), b (package booking) and who have benefited from the extra Early Booking discount, the Customer is required to pay 100% of the total cost in advance.

The contract is considered concluded at the time of acceptance of the customer’s credit card pre-authorization or upon receipt by the Structure (info@cascinaghitin.com) of the bank transfer receipt, for the deposit made in the manner indicated in point b) .

Once the contract is concluded, the Structure is required to block the room booked by the Customer.


6. Contractual conditions

Right of withdrawal without penalty – The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract up to 15 days before the scheduled arrival date, without paying any penalty. The withdrawal must be communicated to the structure within that period by e-mail to info@cascinaghitin.com or to the nr. 392.2328402
Failure of the Customer – Outside the deadline indicated in the previous point (15 days), in case of withdrawal from the contract by the customer or in case of non-arrival on the agreed date (no show), the structure will treat the amount paid by way of confirmatory deposit by bank transfer or pre-authorization on the credit card, except for the greater damage. In case of early departure the structure is entitled to payment of the agreed amount for the entire stay. For customers who have used the extra discount due to early booking, the amount will be retained in full (no refund).
Failure of the Structure – In the event of inability to provide confirmed services, the Structure must compensate the damage caused to the customer who does not agree to be relocated to a neighboring accommodation facility of the same or higher category. In the event of relocation, the costs for the transfer to another facility and any difference in the price of the same shall be borne by Cascina Ghitin.
Arrival and departure times – The hotel room is made available to the customer from 3.00 pm on the day of arrival, and must be vacated by the client no later than 10.30 am on the day of departure. The use of the facilities, including the swimming pool, before check-in time (3.00 pm) and after checkout time (10.30 am) is subject to a surcharge equal to:

  • 5 € / person: up to 2h before check-in or 2h after check-out
  • 10 € / person: up to 4h before check-in or 4h after check-out
  • 15 € / person: up to 8h after check-out

Obligations of the Structure during the stay – The Structure has the duty to provide the accommodation and the services booked by the Customer, as well as the ancillary services requested by them, where provided by the Structure itself and unless impediments due to force majeure. The Structure has the duty not to charge the Customer for services not supplied and not used by them. The Structure has the duty to provide ancillary services to the Client’s stay: daily room cleaning, linen change at every change of Client and at least twice a week, food safety. The Structure has the duty to keep the accommodation in good condition, to take care of the safety of installations, equipment and people. The Structure has the duty to keep the goods entrusted to it by the Customer.
Obligations of the Client during the stay – The Customer has the duty to pay the fee for the services he uses during the stay. The Customer has the duty to respect the deadlines foreseen for the use of the Structure (internal and external rooms and common areas), including the times of use, check-in and check-out. The Customer has the duty not to damage the premises and the goods present in it, respecting the regulation about the permitted activities and the prohibition of smoking in the internal areas. The Customer has the duty to keep the things of the structure delivered to him (keys, linen, accessories, etc.), and to return them at the end of the stay or in any case within the agreed terms. The Customer has the duty to return the accommodation in the same state in which he found it.
Conciliation clause – All disputes arising from this contract will be referred to the conciliation service of the Asti Chamber of Commerce and resolved according to the Conciliation Rules adopted by it.


Although not expressly agreed, this contract is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code on contracts in general.

Pursuant to the Privacy Code, we inform you that your personal data will also be processed electronically for the sole purpose of executing this contract. For further information, please contact the Data Controller, which is Cascina Ghitin in the figure of Sara Icardi. The complete privacy policy is available on the page www.cascinaghitin.com/en/privacy-en/.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a room?

With the online form it is simple: look for the room, filtering it for the check-in and check-out date. Click on ``Book Now``, follow the instructions, fill in the fields and you will be contacted by our structure to confirm the booking and receive a personalized quote!

How can I book a Vacation Package?

From the Home Page, choose the ``Promotions`` menu. Choose the preferred package, click on the button and use the contact form to request a reservation. We will reply as soon as possible, so as to accommodate your requests!

How does Early Booking work?

For customers who book 60 days in advance, we offer a further 10% discount on any room or package. The booking in Early Booking, as it is subject to a reduced rate, must be paid in full at the time of booking and is subject to the no-refundation policy. For more information, see the contractual terms and conditions.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments in cash, by bank transfer, with ATMs and other debit or credit cards

Do you have additional services?

For Cascina Ghitin it is essential to offer an unforgettable experience to its guests. For this reason we offer additional services: aperitifs, relaxation area, possibility of bike rental, agreements with partners and shop dedicated to the typical products of our food and wine culture. With us the guest must feel at home!

Can I rent your location for events and meetings?

Cascina Ghitin has a small meeting room and large outdoor spaces, with the possibility of renting for events and catering. For more information and to receive a personalized quote, contact us on info@cascinaghitin.com


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